Aviation Regulatory Body Order Prompt Investigation into the Peculiar Models of Some Boeing 777 Aircrafts

The aviation industry thrives on safety. This is way more important than the promise of top-notch luxury that many of the airlines promise. In light of this, the FAA is at the very heart of ensuring flight safety and is performing this role to the best. It has come up with a new order to this effect.

Investigative Order by FAA on Certain Engine Model

The FAA is living up to its responsibility by taking a major step in preventing a recurrence of the flight mishap that happened in Denver, Colorado recently.

This is about an engine failure on one of the United Airlines aircraft. The problem was very evident as the engine was practically in flames and sending debris flying off. Much of the debris was reportedly found in several parts of the Denver suburbs.

The fortunate thing is that there were no casualties in the aircraft and on land. But even at this, the FAA is not taking things lightly by grounding planes that have the same engine model as the one that had the complication.

This order will mean financial losses for many of the key aviation players. However, it is only ideal that they adhere to it in the best interest of their established and prospective customers.

What Likely Went Wrong?

As things are, one of the likely reasons for the problem is the fan blade of the engine. This crucial part of the aircraft’s engine is designed to cope with the rigors of flying at such a high altitude. However, there have been certain flaws noticed with the fan blade of this particular engine model.

As a matter of fact, the fan blade of the plane in question was later discovered on a soccer field in Denver. The FAA will see into critically investigating the setback and will possibly come up with better ways to prevent a recurrence.

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