Further Senate Hearing and Investigation into January 6 Happenings in Capitol Hill

From a political stance, ex-president Donald Trump has been declared off the hook after his impeachment hearing by the senate. The role of his two prominent attorneys in driving out points in defense of their client, as well as the republican loyalist, played a huge part in the eventual turn of events.

Fact-Finding Mission to know what went Wrong

However, while Donald Trump has been somewhat vindicated from a political stance, the dust is still not settled yet. This is in light of the continuous hearing by the senate and investigations on the incident.

The senate is seriously looking into ensuring that such a scenario does not play out ever again. The events of January 6, 2021, did shock not only the lawmakers but the entire world looking up to the United States as the exemplary figure in terms of democracy. So, having a mob try so hard to overturn the decision of the electorates caught many by surprise.

But are the events that occurred on the 6th of January in Capitol Hill surprising? Is there any chance that certain security agents and key personnel were involved?

This and more is what the senate hearing and special investigations seek to find out. Additionally, the senate leader is planning to institute a special committee similar to what addressed the 9/11 attack. This is because the siege on the 6th of January also counts as terrorism.

Why was Crisis Management Terrible on that Day?

A large part of the special investigation into the attack is supposed to address what went wrong with communication between the FBI, homeland security, and the Capitol Hill Police. This is because such an occurrence should have been envisaged by special national security agencies and reliable Intel sent to the Capitol Hill Police Department.

The question is if the Intel was sent and misused or if no reliable Intel was sent at all. All these are some questions the investigation seeks to answer.

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