Key Pharmaceutical Companies and the White House Administration Make Progress with Vaccination Program

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused untold hardship among a good number of Americans. One of the biggest negative impacts is the unemployment status in the nation.

However, the new administration plans to get things under control and has done a lot within a short while to achieve this. In this report, we discuss how the White House administration and key pharmaceutical corporations are playing their part in helping things return to normalcy.

The Situation was not Handled well from the Onset

Joe Biden and several political and health experts have come down heavily upon the previous administration. This is considering how they were indecisive in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic appropriately.

Rather than put the right measures in place, Donald Trump on many occasions blamed the Chinese authorities and even the administration of ex-president Barack Obama for the inability to effectively handle the situation.

To further compound the problem, the administration of Joe Biden has stated that the previous administration of Donald Trump went as far as giving exaggerated reports on the vaccination program while little attention was being paid to it in actual fact.

Getting things Under Control Despite the Odds

Although Joe Biden’s administration has blamed the previous administration for its laxity in resolving the health crisis and its adverse effects on the economy, the new administration has been proactive in making things get back to normalcy.

However, they have been well-supported by the major pharmaceutical corporations playing their part. This is especially in light of the anticipated efforts to provide approximately 200 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccines in about a month.

If achieved, this will be an incredible feat but a major milestone in curbing the spread of the deadly virus. Furthermore, one of the pharmaceutical corporations is even looking into the production of third doses to act as boosters. It is hoped that this plan will be actualized.

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