The Call

Lois’ Lodge was founded by Toni Henry in response to the Biblical call to care for the helpless, including children yet unborn. Mrs. Henry’s heart was sparked when she helped a young mother-to-be (who chose to parent her child) with all the necessary resources; housing, health care assistance, emotional and spiritual support along with a mother’s love and guidance. (The young mother-to-be was unable to achieve on her own without family support.) Hence, Lois’ Lodge was incorporated in 1997 and became a non-profit organization in 1999 to assist with temporary housing support during a young mother to be in her pregnancy.

Lois’ Lodge is a family-style home in Matthews, North Carolina which is managed by an active Board of Directors, Executive Director and an experienced and dedicated staff. Our guest residents will have the opportunity to grow in their sense of purpose and develop the talents, skills and abilities they need to begin their new phase of life.