Our Mission

Lois’ Lodge seeks to follow the example of Jesus Christ and provide shelter, practical love, care and support to women facing the challenges of an unexpected pregnancy in an environment that encourages them toward responsible choices and a stable future.

 Guiding Principles:

We seek to follow the example of Jesus Christ by demonstrating unconditional love for the women that we serve.

We seek to provide shelter within a home-like residential environment where each woman knows that she is a valued part of God’s family and the Lois’ Lodge family.

We seek to exhibit practical love through holistic ministries that assist in the development of life skills, career skills, and wise decision making.

We seek to provide care for both the mother and her unborn child through sound medical care, a healthy environment, pre-natal coaching, and wise counsel about parenting options.

We seek to offer support by encouraging faith, spiritual growth, emotional support, family counseling, mentoring and a sense of confidence which comes through the knowledge that God has a plan for each one of us.

We seek to provide a comprehensive program of care during and after each woman’s pregnancy.

We seek to create an environment of encouragement by surrounding the women in our care with trained staff and volunteers who respect them as individuals, and exhibit God’s love through both their actions and their words.

With gratitude to God for all He has provided, we seek to honor Christ in the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of the ministry of Lois’ Lodge and welcome women in need of our services without regard to race, religion or resources.