Change your Social Security bank account

Personal data must be kept up to date with government agencies in order to access important communications from them. People who receive a pension must provide their personal and bank details so that the administration can make payments to them. Therefore, if you have changed banks or changed your current account, you must change the bank details at the Social Security.

Steps to change the bank account on which you receive the pension

If you have decided to change your bank or open a new current account to receive your pension (or pensions, if you receive several at the same time). For more information visit this page. It is important that it is the one that appears in the Social Security records. The first thing to do is to change it.
The process is very simple since there are several ways for you to do it. You can go to one of their offices in person, via the Social Security phone number or online. The data must always be updated so that the Administration can contact you. Communications in this regard will always be made to the addresses and telephone numbers that each citizen has provided.

Changing account numbers and personal data in person

If you are one of those who prefer the traditional method and you want to be the only one to deliver the new data to be changed to the Administration’s agents, you can go to one of the offices of the General Treasury of Social Security (TGSS).
Before going to the one in your town or district, check if you need to make an appointment. In most of them, it is not necessary, but it is advisable to ask before going there.
On the other hand, their hours are only in the morning, so you can only make the necessary changes from Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm. When you go to the appointment and to avoid unnecessary walks you must bring all the documents with you:
– DNI.
– Application form, you can download it from the Internet and fill it in to save time. Otherwise, they will provide you with the form in the same office so that you can update the information you need: whether personal, address, telephone or bank details of the entity where you usually receive your pension.
So, here are some steps that can help you change your Social Security bank account.