How to equip construction sites with surveillance cameras ?

Construction sites are often very attractive to thieves who steal and sometimes damage equipment and materials. In order to prevent these thefts, to ensure that certain measures are taken in case of problems or simply to monitor the progress of work on a construction site, it is often necessary to install camera systems. In this article, we will learn how to equip a construction site with surveillance cameras.

Determine your needs.

First, identify your security needs. Focus on the areas that are at the greatest risk of theft or vandalism. For more information, 
you could check here. Don’t waste time looking in areas where nothing is likely to happen. It’s a good idea to choose areas optimized for construction sites. If you are building a new facility, you can also plan and design it with security measures in mind. Placing surveillance cameras on the construction site is a good idea if you can’t build with safety in mind.

Installation of cameras

This is the area where theft and vandalism are most likely to occur.

  • Install cameras at all entrances, including garage doors, to monitor traffic and pedestrians.
  • Install cameras on all warehouse doors to see what’s going on.

You can more effectively monitor pedestrian traffic if you have special cameras at each door, and if you have cameras at each garage door, you can also see the license plates of vehicles entering the facility.

System choice

You can use doorbells or magnetic cameras for the entrances and doorbells or cameras for the doors. These types of cameras are mounted on the outside of the door and provide a wide-angle view. If you use a magnetic doorbell camera, make sure it is attached to the doorbell cover so that it is not visible. If you install a camera without a motion detector, you will always see the same scene. If you want to monitor your environment without getting an alert every time someone walks by, you can use the time-lapse or interval recording options. These options are very popular with security personnel and facility managers, who can use these devices to reduce the cost of securing assets. Motion detection cameras are ideal for monitoring pedestrian movement.