How to get the new Quintana tax in Mexico

Mexico’s newly created visitor tax is mandatory for any foreigner. In fact, it is implemented to collect funds for the tourism sector in the Quintana Roo region. It is a region that is visited quite a bit for business, vacation etc. Currently, it is opposed to visitors before their departure from each of the locations involved. What are these regions and how to have proof of payment?

Getting the confirmation code online

Having the confirmation code is very simple and accessible to any foreigner. However, children under the age of four (04) are not subject to paying the tax. Tourist Tax Mexico is therefore the tax that will help tourism in Quintana Roo to grow. This, in order to make the considered areas more welcoming. It is therefore useful to mention the localities that are subject: Puerto Aventuras and Puerto Morelos, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, the Caribbean, Cozumel, Tulum. Since the tax is mandatory, you must carry it with you or risk being denied takeoff. As previously mentioned, it is easy to get the confirmation of the payment when you get on the boat. Just go to the payment platform and fill out a form. Then get the proof by mailbox. To avoid the administrative stress, you should entrust it to the online experts. But giving information like name, age, passport, for registration and an email account to receive the code. But it is possible to have it otherwise.

Getting proof of payment on the spot

Effectively, online enrollment is not the only way. It is feasible to be consigned online already upon arrival at one of the territories designated a bit above here. This option is also done on site, mostly at the airport in Cancun. However, due to the time spent in possible queues in front of the payment counter, it is recommended to apply online.