How to play the Gates of Olympus casino game ?

To make money, there are several activities that people can turn to. One of them is Gates of Olympus, which is a very profitable slot machine. As such, it attracts many players because of its accessibility to all, as it is available at many casinos. It is an easy game to play and its operating mode will be detailed in this article.

How to register

The first step to access Gates of Olympus is to register at a casino that has adopted it. Indeed, not all casinos in the world have signed a partnership agreement with this slot machine, as can be seen on It is therefore present at special casinos such as 1win. When registering, you must fill in a user name which will be yours followed by a personal password. These will give you access to the platform every time you want to play. Once you have validated your registration, you can access the platform and play as you wish.

Choose your bet

When you access Gates of Olympus, the platform gives you the possibility to make your choices according to the different options. For example, you can turn to the function that allows you to choose your bet. Here you have the opportunity to make the bet that suits you. However, there is a limit to how much you can bet. This is $125.00 which is the maximum amount and 20 cents which is the minimum amount. The reason for this limit is that the promoters of this game do not want to be unable to pay out large amounts in case a customer wins. It also ensures that the system is well controlled.

Spinning the reels

To play Gates of Olympus, you have to spin the reels. This can be done by using the keys that the platform provides for the customers. Using the ‘start’, ‘enter’ or ‘space bar’ keys, you can activate the reels, which will now be ready to spin. The outcome of the bets will depend on the speed of the reels. When the reels are spinning fast, you will get the result of the bets very early. To make it easier for the punters, the platform gives the possibility to speed up the process.

For this purpose, the player will make the choice of the “fast game” option. Once this feature is activated, the reels will spin faster. The result of the bets will be known very soon. In case you win, you get your winnings. If not, you can quickly make a new bet and play. There is no need to wait in a long queue to find out the results. These are all reasons why many people prefer the Gates of Olympus slot machine.

Choose the automatic option

Spinning the reels regularly seems like a strain for those who want to make large bets. To make it easier for them, Gates of Olympus has a feature called ‘auto play’. With this option, you don’t have to keep pressing the start button or anything else. You select the “autoplay” function and then the different rounds will be started systematically. You have the privilege to select the number of spins you want.

Without your participation, the machine will run by itself until the end. When you win, the result will be displayed and your winnings will be returned to you. If you have a bank account, your winnings will be transferred to your account and you can withdraw them later.