Meet Our Moms

The young women who go through our programs are heroes.  They have faced overwhelming trials with perseverance and have overcome. We applaud them for their courage and fortitude.

 We asked our former residents what the one thing they loved most about being at Lois’ Lodge was and these were their responses!

 “It prepared me tremendously. I met genuine ladies whom I’m able to talk to and network with to this day! I am truly grateful!!”

“I am grateful for the support from everyone. Especially when you are not receiving it from family!!”

“I loved that place because you grow as a family in there an plus you never miss an appointment! Lol”

“I was able to get a job while being pregnant, save money for the future, go to my doctor’s appointments,

and got educated on what’s going on while and after giving birth.”

“I loved our talks during Bible study. It helped me so much. Also the food…lol…so much food!”

“I enjoyed the fact that we had mentors that cared enough to listen and be there on the day I gave birth!”

“I loved the support I received about making an adoption plan for my son at the time. Any questions I had about

my faith and God not loving me because of the decisions I made were always met with a positive and non-judgemental attitude by the staff.”

“I am so thankful for all you guys did for me in my time of need. My little one I was pregnant with

when I stayed with you is going to be four soon and is a happy healthy little boy. Thank you again”

“I loved being in a place with other women that can relate to me in some things. I was able to get

resources that help me learn about things that would help me in being a great mom. Meeting

nice people that supported us even though they didn’t know us.”

“The women I was around were my biggest support system. They loved me and carried me when I couldn’t do it myself.”

“I was there about two years ago, maybe close to three now and I didn’t stay but I did enjoy my time there and

the things I learned. I carry them with me every day. Someday I wish to visit so you all can see my little girl who’s

not so little anymore – she’s two now. I just really wanted to say your organization was lifesaving and eye opening and a

great blessing for me to be able to experience. Because of this opportunity I got to keep my baby girl and learn

important things on parenting among other things. Thank you so much!”