kelseyKelsey is 19-going-on-25.  She found out she was pregnant just a few weeks before her graduation from high school.  She lived with her parents and sister in the same county I grew up in – they are completely your all-American family and never imagined they would find themselves in the situation that they were in.

Kelsey said that overnight, she felt that she didn’t relate to her family anymore and she didn’t want to be told what to do with the baby – whether to parent or put the child up for adoption.  Her mom said she also felt lost, knowing that her baby grew much older overnight but still treating her like she had the week before.  Kelsey found out about Lois Lodge and realized that it might be best for her to move in and spend some time getting her thoughts and feelings together, and learning about her options.

Kelsey’s sister’s words touched me the most – she cried as she talked about kelsey leaving the house and expressed how difficult it was without her sister around as she was used to.  She said she missed her and the time they spent together, but knew that kelsey needed to be where she was.

Kelsey said she spent lots of time in prayer at Lois Lodge, learning about God and talking with girls who were making the same decisions.  She said that one night in bed, she was praying and simply realized that she wasn’t ready to be a parent, and that she needed to look into adoption.  She started that process at 7 months with a Christian agency in Matthews and found dream parents for her little girl.  She had her baby in January and said that as soon as she had her, she thought “I had this baby for this family” and she has not regretted her decision.  She still sees her frequently and the mother even texts kelsey when the baby does cute little things!

Kelsey will be starting college in the fall and she wants to be a social worker.  She spends lots of volunteer time with the girls at Lois Lodge and the gratitude she has for this place is clear.