The Residence


Women live as members of a family in a beautifully decorated home. Trained staff are available 24 hours a day. In addition, a wide variety of counseling, programs, and training opportunities set the women on a path of support and success for continuing their lives after the birth of their baby.


Up to six women live as members of a loving, caring family under the guidance of mature, trained resident coordinators.  Since each of the women that we serve are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, the bonds and friendships created here can be long lasting.  The residents laugh together, share their joys together and even cry together.  They work together to care for the home, as a family would, and follow house rules and policies that keep the home running smoothly on a daily basis.


Residents receive counseling regarding available options for developing parenting or adoption plans appropriate for them and their babies.  Family members and the fathers of the babies may be included in counseling if appropriate.

Care Program

In some situations Lois’ Lodge is able to provide outside resources or referrals to offer further support for serving their needs in after care.   This opportunity is designed to assure that our clients will be able to sustain gains which are made through our maternity home program and make further advances in achieving independence.