What are the benefits of eating eggs for the body?

The control of the food you eat is a priority issue. Every food you eat always has an impact on the state of your health. However, there are many foods that you consume as well as the egg. Discover in this article the benefits of consuming egg in the body.

Excellent source of protein

To the question what is an egg, it should be understood that an egg is an agricultural product from various breeding and used as a simple food or serving as ingredients in the composition of many dishes in most cultures of the world. Indeed, the consumption of eggs brings more protein to your body. Visit this site to learn more

A 60 gram egg unit is composed of 7 to 8 grams of protein and provides a large part of your daily protein needs. It is rich in amino acids, which are important for the proper functioning of your body. Indeed, it causes a decrease in the presence of lysine and methionine in your body. Its digestion is difficult for the body, so it is advisable to consume eggs cooked, boiled or poached

Rich in vitamin and trace elements

The presence of vitamins A, D and E as well as B vitamins (B2, B5, B9 and B12) and the presence of trace elements and minerals: selenium, in significant quantities, phosphorus, zinc, sodium and potassium allow the maintenance of your health and the proper functioning of organs. They contribute to the constitution of bones, teeth and hair. Eggs are rich in unsaturated fatty acids which is beneficial for your health. Indeed, the consumption of eggs from hens fed with flaxseed is necessary, because they produce lipids and Omega-3 which helps to develop fats in your body. Finally, the results of the latest scientific studies have clearly shown that the consumption of eggs rich in omega-3 helps to reduce triglycerides in the blood. The reduction of this element will allow your body to fight against heart disease.