What are the legal requirements for renting a boat?

Finding a boat for rent is one of the easiest things. There are several owners who rent out their boat for various reasons. However, there are concise conditions to be met before taking possession of a boat for hire. Discover through this article more details on these conditions.

Have insurance at your disposal

The insurance is your first pass for renting a boat. You can contact Suncap if you are in need. Indeed, renting a luxury tool like a boat involves great responsibilities. This condition was imposed in order to allow owners to benefit from compensation in the event of an incident. Thus, they will be able to recover their property without the slightest worry. In addition, this also benefits the tenants, because instead of making a compensation yourself, the insurance can take care of it.

Complete the rental agreement

The rental of a boat is based on an administrative contract. Know that without completing this paperwork, it will certainly be impossible for you to rent a boat. This document certifies that you have rented the boat, guarantees your license and avoids problems in the event of a search. According to the contract, you need the complete identity of the owner (an identity document), the complete identity of the tenant, the identifiers of the rental boat and the duration of the rental. It should be noted that everyone must have the rental contract at their disposal.

Pay the rental cost

The rental cost is the last condition to be met before finalizing the rental. Once this detail is settled, the tenant will be able to take possession of the boat. In addition, a possible cost will be paid if the boat is not returned at the scheduled time. Also called delay deposit, it applies to any tenant who does not honor the rental period previously defined in the contract.