What attitudes to adopt when faced with a DDoS attack?

DDoS attacks are moments of great challenge for companies. They risk their digital services, but even more so their durability on the market. It is therefore crucial to adopt the appropriate skills to solve the problem as soon as possible while limiting the frustration of users.

Taking stock of the situation

When faced with a DDoS attack, the first step is to take stock of the situation. This begins with identifying the date and time the attack began. They are risking their digital services, but even more so their sustainability in the market. Make an inventory of the systems or services affected by the attack. Then identify the levels of damage to both the business and the users. For more tips, check out koddos.net and her latest blog .

Inform your hosting provider

Your hosting provider needs to be made aware of the situation immediately. Indeed, since your service is hosted on their server, the attack becomes their concern as well. Making them aware will allow for a coordination of forces to stop it. For example, they can initially help you limit the damage of the attack by changing the IP address of your platform. It can also take advantage of its protection devices if you have subscribed to this type of service. However, these attacks for the most part require much more advanced solutions.

Inform users of the service

Once you have a less clouded view of the situation, it is crucial to inform your users of the attack. This is because they are more than likely already dealing with the negative consequences of the situation. More gracefully, they would be tempted to blame you for the misfortune and could quickly turn to your competitors. By informing them early, you limit the frustration and you assert your credibility and your efficiency.