Whatcha box: what you must know.

As a lover of beautiful watches, one of your challenges is to maintain the quality of your precious accessories.  To achieve this, it is important to keep them in optimal condition away from the elements.  Although some watches come with a box, this usually only keeps one watch and is therefore impractical.  To meet your needs, the watch box is the best suited accessory.

The advantages of the watch box

Placing your watch loose on a shelf or in a drawer is not a good idea.  Apart from prying eyes, your jewelry is exposed to scratches, dust or dislocation from the elements.  Accessories, such as those found on the boiteamontre.com site, are designed to optimize storage and protect the watch when it is not on your wrists.  Click here for more information on watch case .

The watch box is useful no matter how many jewels you have.  It has several compartments equipped with pads to avoid any damage due to friction with hard surfaces.

Using a watch box means choosing to secure your accessories against moisture damage or the penetration of insects.  This is an effective way to optimize their durability so that they can be enjoyed for a long time.  Apart from protecting watches, the accessory can also highlight them and be used as a decorative object when properly chosen.

How to choose a watch box?

The box in question is available in several models and colors.  Its choice depends mainly on the number of watches you want to store.  You will need to take into account those you currently own as well as any future acquisitions you plan to make.

This parameter defines the capacity of your box.  Then, you will have to define the manufacturing material that suits you best.  On the market you will find watch boxes:

In wood: they are very ecological, robust and bring a special charm.  They are the most widespread and the most accessible.

In leather: the leather watch box brings a touch of elegance and a business look.  It can be designed with real or faux leather.

Aluminum: the aluminum box is very resistant and comes in very modern models.